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The Hope Quilt is a memorial to commemorate frontline workers who have faced extraordinary challenges during COVID-19 and to honor others who have been affected by or lost to the pandemic.  Worldwide, people have contributed to this community art project, telling their stories through art and remembering their sacrifices.




MISSION –To enable people across America to express gratitude for medical professionals and frontline workers fighting the COVID-19 pandemic and to honor those who have suffered or died.

VISION – To inspire healing, unity, remembrance, and hope for treatment and a cure for COVID-19 in America.

VALUES – We value and recognize the healing power of art. We recognize the power of documenting this challenging moment in our nation’s history and bringing hope to communities.

STORY – During this historic moment, the COVID-19 pandemic poses an unprecedented national crisis. The COVID-19 Hope Quilt, a grass roots community art project, is launching in response to national sentiments of grief and uncertainty.


For hundreds of years, quilts have been part of the fabric of America. Mourning quilts were used to wrap infants and adults who died. Valor quilts honor veterans. They provide comfort, remembrance, and an historical record passed down for generations.  Now when communal grieving is not possible, quilt panels will help tell the story of those affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.


This initiative seeks quilt panel contributions from around the country to provide an outlet for grief and to document heroism in fighting the outbreak.


The idea came about during a conversation between Phyllis Liedtke, a feisty 95-year old in a Florida retirement home, and her daughter, artist Diane Canney. "For my birthday," said Phyllis, "I want you to do something about the pandemic." Phyllis is making the first panel and invites others to join her.



  • A community-based art project to create 10.5 x 10.5-inch quilt panels as an affordable, historical, and transportable quilt to honor those affected and to express feelings associated with the pandemic.

  • Individuals will upload digital panels with descriptions.

  • These panels will be incorporated into quilts.

  • Quilts will be displayed both in an online gallery and as movable public art.