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Have you lost a loved one to the COVID-19 pandemic? Would you like to celebrate the healthcare heroes in

your life? Do you love to express yourself creatively? Create a mini quilt to share your message of hope and

healing and to honor their sacrifices. Your quilt could join our traveling quilt show, with displays in venues

across the United States. Use any quilting or piecing technique and pattern you like. You can easily

showcase your quilting skills without having to invest a lot of time or materials. Read on to see how!

Click here to download PDF version of the instructions below: 

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Panel Submission
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Share Your Mini Quilt!
Upload a photo of your completed panel block for inclusion to our Online Gallery.  You may also upload your digitally created artwork here as well.

Tell the story of your mini quilt!
In the field below, tell the story that best describes the inspiration of your mini quilt:

Upload Photo

After Uploading your mini quilt, make sure you hit the "Submit" button below to complete the process.

Thanks for submitting!

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