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People from across the USA tell us why they got involved or to memorialize loved ones lost to COVID-19


In their own words, people from across the nation tell us why they've decided to get involved with the COVID19 Hope Quilt Project.  This section includes videos from Contributors such as...

  • Marilyn McAllister

  • Beth Robb

  • Pedro Romero

  • Phyllis Liedtke

  • Priscilla Godfrey

  • Betsy Scotto-Lavino

  • Owen Palmiotti

  • Yazan Alramahi

  • Trae Sinnett

  • Kathy MacLean

Contributor Videos >>>


People remember their loved ones lost, this year, to COVID-19.  Testimonials from...

  • Karen Brusca

  • Kristin Urquiza

  • Fiana Tulip

  • Jazmine Smith

Memorial Videos >>>

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