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Ready to take on an entire quilt, either as a solo quilter, or with your community group? We'd love to hear from you.




Create a Quilt

The HOPE Quilt project is excited to welcome your quilt to our growing collection!  Creating a complete quilt is a great project not only for quilting groups, but also for school art classes, church groups, and other community groups. 

Prepare Your Project

Your quilt must:  

  1. Measure either 50” (inches) x 50” square or 60” x 60” square.  

  2. Consist of a top, batting, and backing.  

  3. Include a five-inch hanging sash or rod pocket on the top of the quilt backing.

Select Your Fabric and Patterns

  1. Use a high-quality fabric, either 100% Kona cotton or polyester.
    Hobbs Bonded Fibers batting is a good choice.   

  2. Panel blocks should measure 11” x 11” total, with a half-inch border on each side to allow for quilting. Design your artwork to fit in the 10’ x 10” center area of your panel block.

  3. Use patterns and themes appropriate for:     

    1. Remembering those significantly affected by or lost to the pandemic.   

    2. Honoring frontline and essential workers who risked their own lives to care for others.

For ideas and inspiration, browse our gallery of completed quilts.  

  1. For your panel blocks, you can sew, piece, appliqué, embroider, cross-stitch, color with fabric markers - unleash your creativity! Whatever you use, it must be flat and color-maintained. Be sure to include white in your design.  

Create and Assemble Your Quilt

  1. You can either:    

    1. Compose your quilt of 16 panel blocks (10.5” on each side).

    2. Create one piece of decorated fabric, using the entire 50” x 50” surface.  

  2. You can quilt by hand, using a domestic machine, or using a long-arm machine. Stitching can be an overall pattern or “stitch in the ditch.” 

  3. Include binding around each edge of the quilt. 

  4. Sign your quilt in the back on the left corner. 


Donate Your Quilt

  1. Upload a photo and description of your quilt so that we can include it in our online gallery of HOPE Quilts.  

  2. Prepare your quilt for shipping:

    1. Download a form to fill out and include with your quilt. 

    2. Include the names of participants and any background stories and information you’d like us to share with your quilt. 

    3. Include your contact information, including an email address and phone number.  

    4. If you have a name or a particular theme for your quilt, please include that as well. 

  3.  Package your quilt and include your form and any other information in the box. 

  4. Insure your and ship your quilt using a carrier providing a tracking number.  

  5. Send the package to:

            COVID-19 HOPE Quilt

            15865 Wenner Farm Lane

            Purcellville, VA  20132

  6.   Send us an email to let us know the quilt is on its way

      Once we’ve received your package, we will notify you.  We will also hand-stitch a personalized label and number on the back of the quilt and send it to you.  

Questions? Please contact our team at

We look forward to hearing from you! 

Panel Submission
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