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Some of the latest happenings with the COVID19 U.S Honor Quilt Project.

HOPE in DC - Loudoun Now

Sunset Hills Owner Brings ‘HOPE’ to Loudoun, Washington

Loudoun Now - October 8, 2020

Amid a pandemic and in a time of political division, one Loudouner is doing her part to bring hope to her neighbors and passers-by in Washington, DC.

Sunset Hills Vineyard Co-owner Diane Canney last weekend brought to Freedom Plaza in DC a sign that reads “HOPE” made out of four 8-foot tall by 6-foot wide letters comprised of hundreds of fabric panels from her COVID-19 U.S. Honor Quilt. There, she met people from across the world stopping to take photos with the sign, from places like South Korea, Iraq, Uganda and the United Kingdom.

Canney will be back in DC this Saturday and on Oct. 24 on the National Mall. Past that, she is willing to take the sign anywhere people request its presence.



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