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Some of the latest happenings with the COVID19 U.S Honor Quilt Project.

HOPE Springs Eternal This Fall

By Kelly MacConomy - December 7, 2020

Del Ray Artisans Brings the HOPE Quilt to Alexandria

Alexandria, VA – Driving, running, or perambulating down The Avenue in Del Ray the last two months, you likely have noticed the 8 by 6’ wide H*O*P*E letters outside the Del Ray Artisans gallery. The letters have progressively been covered with 10-1/2” square “quilt” panels created by people from all over the country submitting their artwork. Visitors to the gallery have been able to pick up free fabric squares and information about the COVID-19 US Honor Quilt, the nonprofit sponsor of HOPE in Del Ray.

The COVID-19 US Honor Quilt Foundation initiated the H*O*P*E Project this summer under the guidance of founder Diane Canney, owner with her husband Mike Canney of Sunset Hills Vineyard and 50 West Vineyard. Diane wanted to honor her mother, Phyllis Laedtke, with an extraordinary 95th birthday gift. When asked, “What do you want for your birthday, Mom?” Diane expected her usual reply, “I don’t need or want anything!” Phyllis instead surprised Diane by saying, “Why don’t you do something to help people affected by COVID?”

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