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Some of the latest happenings with the COVID19 U.S Honor Quilt Project.

Quilts at LCGC

A quilt project launched by Purcellville resident Diane Canney during the pandemic is now being exhibited in the Loudoun County Government Center building through September 3.

The Hope quilts began last August as a way to spread hope and awareness and to create a lasting memory that would serve as a tribute to people working on the front lines and to honor people who have died from the virus, Canney said.

She designed a quilt that spelled out the word HOPE, comprising 10-by-10- inch panels painted by artists who have depicted portraits, scenes or other inspiration from their experiences with the pandemic.

The quilt squares were made by artists, quilters, children and members of the community. Since last fall, the Hope quilts have been displayed in several locations, including in Washington, D.C. and the Loudoun Arts Film Festival in Middleburg.



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