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Some of the latest happenings with the COVID19 U.S Honor Quilt Project.

Washingtonian Coverage

Updated: Nov 6, 2020

The quilt was on display at the Jefferson Memorial this past weekend.

Written by Washingtonian Staff | Photographed by Evy Mages | Published Oct 26, 2020

On Saturday, hope came to the Jefferson Memorial. The Virginia-based Covid-19 US Honor Quilt Project organized a quilt installation and event to commemorate the frontline workers and honor those lost to the virus in its “HOPE for America: Honor Weekend.” It’s a nationwide effort that invites people to contribute quilt panels of their own to “provide an outlet for grief and to document heroism in fighting the outbreak.” The idea first came from 95-year-old Phyllis Liedtke in Florida, who asked that her artist daughter create a tribute to those affected by the pandemic.

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