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A downloadable template to help guide you in preparing a successful quilt panel for this project.



  • HONOR SQUARES - To Honor And Express Gratitude To Those On The Front Lines Fighting COVID-19.
    These squares might include portraits of first responders, doctors, nurses, medical workers, food industry professionals, and researchers seeking a cure.
    To differentiate from the Memorial Squares, please add text with sharpie, paint, or embroidery text in the design.
    For example, “to honor first responders during COVID-19.

    Memorial to Remember Those We Lost.
    These squares reflect respect and mourning for groups of people that died due to COVID-19.

     To differentiate from the Honor Squares, please add text to note who you are remembering. For example “remembering the thousands of Americans lost to COVID-19” or “Never forget those lost to COVID-19 in Virginia."

    Personal Memorial of Individual Family Member or Friend Lost due to COVID-19.
    Like traditional historical mourning quilts, you may add personal items, such as clothing fabric, patches, pins, and other memorabilia. Please include the name and age of the person and where they lived. For example:

    Tim Smith Age 52 Leesburg VA.
    You may submit portraits that are painted or drawn. Photos on fabric are also welcome to associate a face and story with the name.
    You can send a photo and the story and one of our artists can do a painted portrait on a panel of the loved one. Contact us by emailing

  • Use a piece of 10.5-inch x 10.5-inch fabric for your background or piecing, in any color you choose, but design your artwork only in the 10 x 10 inch center area of your square.

  • Leave a ½” inch blank border for assembly into quilts.

  • Be creative: use traditional patterns, modern geometric shapes, icons related to the pandemic: medical equipment  / emergency vehicles, lab icons, test tubes, beakers, coronavirus shapes, stars and stripes, patches, badges, or ribbons.

  • You can use a variety of techniques to create your design: sew, piece, applique, embroidery, cross-stitch; paint or stamp with fabric markers, use fabric pens like Pigma pens, fabric or waterproof paint, photocopy on fabric.

  • Use waterproof fabric glue or sew to add patches, ribbons, buttons or personal items from a loved one or person who is being honored as long as the decorative elements are no more than 1/4” above the surface for assembly into quilts.

  • Sign your square with your name and state on the front anywhere you like using a waterproof pen that won’t bleed (fabric pen, Pigma pen) Mary Smith, Virginia.

  • Take a digital photo of your square for our online database.


This nonprofit community based art project is for educational purposes and the betterment of the community and requires the same adherence to copyright laws as other creative art.


Step 1 - Download the Template


You can also right-click on the button below or Template Image above and select "Save Link as" to download the template.


Step 2 - Download Form and Mail Your Panel


You can also right-click on the button above and select "Save Link as.." to download the form.

Support your square and keep it flat by sending it in a flat envelope.

We will continue to accept squares for Phase 2 through 2020.

Mail to:


P.O BOX 2610

Purcellville, VA 20134

You may also drop it off at the same address during the following time frames:

Mondays and Thursdays, 12:00 pm – 2:00 pm
(Large drop mailbox in the lobby area)